Southeastern Freight Lines Gives Back to Communities in Southeast

If you want to drive for a trucking company that does more than just haul freight, consider what Southeastern Freight Lines has to offer. This trucking company has initiated community service in several southeastern states. Through the carrier’s Southeastern Serves program, SEFL employees provided communities with nearly 6,000 hours of volunteer service. The company also led 82 community projects that benefited a variety of organizations. Find out more about the benefits of working for a giving trucking company like Southeastern Freight Lines.

Southeastern Serves Program

Through the Southeastern Serves program, SEFL has been able to extend its goodwill to thousands of people throughout the southeastern states. According to Southeastern Freight Lines senior vice president of sales and marketing Mike Heaton, “We are fortunate enough to share our commitment of providing quality service not only to our customers but to less fortunate individuals throughout the communities we serve. Through the Southeastern Serves program, we are able to strengthen the communities who support us year after year through giving back.”

For 2017 alone, the program was able to give 1,637 people working for Southeastern Freight Lines, in addition to their friends and family, the opportunity helps others. Some of the programs organized by Southeastern Serves included food drives for the homeless, meals for domestic abuse victims, and home renovations for low-income families. The program also supported teams who hosted pizza parties for kids who are living in foster care. These charitable programs offer more than just food and physical support for individuals in need. They also offer hope and social benefits for those who are struggling at this time in their life.

Regarding the community service provided by the program, Heaton added, “The commitment of Southeastern to support so many deserving organizations and individuals through the Southeastern Serves program is humbling. We look forward to the new community service projects that await us in 2018.” As this was the sixth year that the program has been active, there is the opportunity to make big dreams come true through the Southeastern Serves community service.

Driving for a Charitable Trucking Company

As a truck driver, you might not have the chance to provide community service like you want due to your work schedule. However, when you work for a company like Southeastern Freight Lines, that chance is realized thanks to the dedication the carrier has to community support. To get started, check out how you can apply for the truck driving jobs at SEFL.

The company has locations in several states throughout the southeastern region, as well as in California and Texas. As a truck driver with experience in line haul services as an OTR trucker or with LTL freight hauling, you have the potential to be a valuable asset to the Southeastern Freight Lines Fleet.

Drivers for SEFL need to meet certain baseline requirements. You must be at least 22 years old to apply and have a CDL with all valid endorsements including doubles/triples and combination. You will also need to have a GED or high school diploma, as well as one year of driving experience in the commercial trucking industry.

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Source: SEFL – Press Releases