Roehl Given a Gold Star as Military Truckers Employer

roehl transport trucker on the roadIn the trucking industry, quality truck drivers are in high demand. One segment of the population that has the skills to be a trucker is that of US military veterans. These military truck drivers, unfortunately, often find roadblocks that prevent them from pursuing a truck driving career. Roehl Transport is a trucking company working to overcome the issues preventing military truckers from getting trucking jobs. As a result of the carrier’s dedication, Roehl was recently named a Top 10 Gold winner for the Military Friendly Employer program.

Winning the Gold Status for Military Vets

The Military Friendly Employer program is hosted annually by Victory Media. This is the same group that publishes two military magazines, GI Jobs and Military Spouse. To achieve the highest level of recognition by the Military Friendly Employer program, Roehl Transport has provided more than is required when hiring veterans. As it stands there are federal rules and regulations that provide fair hiring practices for vets. Roehl meets those requirements and goes beyond the call of duty. In fact, this is the fifth year in a row that the trucking company has been honored as a Military Friendly Employer.

CEO Rick Roehl said, “Roehl Transport appreciates and honors our nation’s veterans—today and every day. On behalf of TeamRoehl—thank you to all our veterans. Every day, we enjoy the blessings of liberty your service, dedication and sacrifice protect. I am proud you are a member of TeamRoehl. We also honor and thank the families who support our veterans.”

Roehl Military Apprenticeship Honor Program

One way the trucking carrier helps veteran truckers is with the Roehl Military Apprenticeship Honor Program. This program is a two-year opportunity that provides military veterans and soldiers serving as Reservists or in the National Guard with truck driver training.

The program is exclusive to Roehl truck drivers and offers professional truck driver training that is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This means military truckers can use their GI Bill benefits to pay for truck driver training. The program offers training for a CDL, as well as behind the wheel training with an experienced mentor. Drivers do not have to have any prior experience to be eligible to join.

Understanding Military Truckers Needs

Truck drivers with military backgrounds generally come from one of three areas. They were professional truckers for the military, which means they have ample behind the wheel experience. Or these individuals are finishing their military service and want to become a commercial truck driver. Both of these scenarios put these military veterans in a unique situation. The third type of military driver is someone who is an active Reservist or in the National Guard who works as a civilian.

For military truck drivers with experience, this work history cannot be verified because it is either classified or was conducted overseas, or both. Then there comes the issue of getting a commercial driver’s license. Even though this truck driver has a military trucking license, they must still apply for a commercial driver’s license. This requires taking two exams—a written and skills tests.

These drivers already know how to drive a truck, so the skills test is redundant. Fortunately, the FMCSA agrees and offers a CDL skills test waiver for truck drivers who are veterans. They still have to pass the written exam, but this only requires studying from a guidebook or with a trainer. This speeds up the process so that military veterans can start a trucking job as soon as possible when they become a civilian. Vets who want to start a trucking career may have GI Bill benefits that they can use for tuition. However, finding a trucking school that accepts these benefits can be challenging.

Choosing Trucking Jobs for Military at Roehl

By offering the Roehl Military Apprenticeship Honor Program, this Gold status trucking company helps all types of military truckers overcome these obstacles. It is a win for military soldiers and veterans, and for their families. It is also a win for Roehl Transport because the trucking company is able to employ highly qualified and dedicated truck drivers.

If you are currently enlisted in the National Guard or Reserves, or you are planning to exit the military as a veteran, now is the time to plan for your future career as a trucker. Apply for a trucking job with Roehl Transport today to get started with the Roehl Military Apprenticeship Honor Program if you do not have a CDL. If you are a Class A CDL holder with military experience, Roehl welcomes you to apply to drive for this nationwide trucking fleet. Right now, Roehl is offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus and pay raise for truck drivers, so it’s the perfect time to get started.

Source: Roehl Transport – News