Riverland Community College Trucking School

As someone living in Minnesota who is interested in a truck driving career, you are in a great position to attend a top rated trucking school. At Riverland Community College you can complete a truck driver training course. Once successfully completed, you receive a certificate of instruction that will look very nice on your truck driving job resume. To get started with Minnesota truck driving jobs, check out how you can apply to trucking school at Riverland Community College.

About the Class

The Truck Driving program at the Riverland Community College trains individuals to be valuable drivers in the commercial trucking industry. While in the trucking school program, students receive classroom instruction along with behind the wheel hands-on training. The school features small class sizes with low student to instructor ratios. This gives every student plenty of time to learn the basics of being a trucker with a chance to climb in the driver’s seat.

The skills taught in the Minnesota trucking school program include:

  • Operating techniques for a variety of trucks and equipment
  • How to drive a Class 8 tractor
  • How to load and pull a trailer including empty dry vans and flatbed trailers
  • DOT regulations and compliance requirements
  • Defensive driving techniques including how to drive in Minnesota winter weather
  • Truck driver safety rules and methods
  • Practical driving experience in cities and rural areas

Here is a list of the core courses students take during the program:

  • Intro to Vehicle Control
  • Proficiency Development of Vehicle Control
  • Advanced Operating Procedures
  • Trucking Lifestyle
  • Advanced Vehicle Driving
  • Internship in Trucking Industry

That’s right, in addition to receiving valuable in-class instruction, you are also partnered with a sponsoring trucking company for hands-on training. Once students have completed their training they are ready to take a CDL exam and become a licensed professional trucker.

Logistics for Trucking School Program

The Riverland Community College truck driving program is available at the Austin, Minnesota location. Students receive 22 credits when they complete the course, in addition to a certificate of completion. The program lasts 16 weeks and offers behind the wheel training with several neighboring trucking companies.

Trucking Company Partnerships

Norsemen Trucking of Lake Mills, Iowa is a partner with Riverland Community College to provide this valuable hands-on training for Class A trucking students. Another Class A training partner with the school is XPO Logistics, which is one of the biggest trucking companies in the US.

In addition, Rochester City Lines provides passenger driving training for Class B trucking students. For individuals interested in local trucking jobs, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is also partners with the truck driving school. The MnDOT offers information about getting a CDL in Minnesota, as well as job opportunities for students interested in working for the state as a local truck driver.

Applying for Trucking School

How do you get started with going to Riverland Community College truck driver school? The program starts each August and March. To apply for this college certificate course you will need to have your high school transcript or GED, along with any college transcripts if applicable. Once you have this paperwork in order you are required to apply to the college. You are eligible to receive financial aid for the truck driving school since it is a certificate program.

Once you are enrolled and accepted into a program session, you are required to complete online orientation at Riverland Community College. This provides you with the information you need to get off to the right start. You will also be matched with an advisor. This is a college instructor who will work with you to choose the best class times for you, while also answering any questions you may have. For instance, while you are required to take the core classes for truck driving school, you may decide you want to add some elective courses to your course of study. Your advisor will assist you with this.

Cost for Truck Driving School

As this truck driving school is through Riverland Community College you will be expected to pay the amount of tuition and fees associated with four-year colleges in the state. For the truck driving program, you are expected to pay $282.57 per credit hour, for a total tuition fee of $6,216.54. You will also have to pay $200 for books and $537 in license costs and DOT requirements. Keep in mind you can apply for financial aid, work grants, and scholarships as a student at Riverland Community College.

The primary benefit of going to trucking school at Riverland Community College is being able to graduate with a certificate in truck driver training. This shows your determination to train and become the best truck driver you can be. Adding that certificate to your trucking job application will give you a step up when competing with other new drivers for a top paying trucking job.

Source: RCC – Program