All About Going to Roadmaster Drivers School

US Xpress Truck Driver Driving on HighwayWhen searching for a truck driving school, there are some important questions you need to ask. First of all, does the school have a location near you? What about sponsorships, are there any top rated trucking companies partnering with the school? What about cost, how much will you have to pay for the training? Here are these answers and more for future truckers interested in going to a Roadmaster Drivers School in the US.

Types of Truck Driver Training Programs

At Roadmaster Drivers School, students can enroll in a number of training programs. In addition to commercial driver’s license training, the school also offers:

  • Weekend CDL training for full-time workers who can’t quit their day job to go to trucking school
  • Military veteran driver training for vets who have military driving experience and want to get a CDL using exemptions for the written CDL exam, while using their GI Bill benefits to pay for training
  • CDL refresher course for truck drivers who have been out of the industry for a while or who are rusty at their driving skills and want more behind the wheel experience

At most trucking schools you won’t find this variety in terms of truck driver training options. By choosing the training program that best serves your needs, you save money and time on unnecessary or incomplete training programs.

Locations for Roadmaster Drivers School

Whether you live out West, in the Northeast, or in the Deep South, you’ll find a location for the Roadmaster Drivers School. The program offers training in the following cities:

  • Lithia Springs, Georgia
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Fontana, California
  • Dunn, North Carolina
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Richfield, Ohio
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Columbus, Ohio

Students who attend trucking school at a Roadmaster Drivers School facility will receive the requisite 160 hours of training that is needed to pass a CDL exam. This training includes classroom instruction for the written exam, as well as road and range driving experience for the skills test.

Sponsoring Trucking Companies

A big question among student truckers is whether a school will provide them with a trucking job. Part of this involves sponsorships among trucking companies. The way this works is a trucking company will be a partner to trucking school. In this partnership, the carrier will offer job recruitment services, as well as opportunities for pre-hire letters for trucking orientation. In addition, trucking companies will give new hires tuition reimbursement for the cost of trucking school, if the driver graduated from a partnering trucking school. So, as you can see, partnerships are where it counts.

As for Roadmaster Drivers School, the school is affiliated with the following trucking companies:

Each of these is a top paying trucking company with job opportunities for drivers nationwide. While you attend trucking school at Roadmaster Drivers School, these trucking companies will have recruiters who visit with you throughout the training program or during job fair events. This is your time to shine. These recruiters are your link to a future trucking job at one of the best trucking companies in the US. So take advantage of this opportunity and prove you have what it takes to be a trucker—passion, dedication, hard work, and professionalism.

Cost of Roadmaster Drivers School

According to the Roadmaster Drivers School website, the cost of tuition varies depending on whether you are a veteran or not, and what type of training program you complete. However, according to reviews, the average cost of training is $5,000. Keep in mind this will vary depending on several variables, so use this as an estimate.

More importantly, the Roadmaster Drivers School system has several options in place to help you pay for trucking school. For starters, the school offers financing that allows you to pay in installments. This is great news since most schools do not offer to finance at all. In addition, since the school is in partnership with several trucking companies, you have an opportunity right there to cover your tuition and expenses. All of the trucking companies working with RDS offer some form of tuition reimbursement that will pay you back the money you spend on tuition.

If you are a military veteran who is going to trucking school you can use your GI Bill benefits to pay for your education expenses. This includes truck driving school at Roadmaster Drivers School. Along with going to school for free, the veterans’ benefits also provide a stipend for other expenses if you have enough benefits left to use.

Overall, if you are interested in going to truck driving school near you, the Roadmaster Drivers School is a solid option for the variety of training courses and payment options.