Driving for Alaska Trucking Company Carlile Transportation

kenworth truck driving by snowy banksDo you watch “Ice Road Truckers” and wish that you could test your truck driving skills on those slick as ice roads? Well, even though IRT is canceled, there are still truck drivers who haul in Alaska throughout the year. One of the biggest trucking companies in Alaska is called Carlile Transportation. Find out what this company hauls and what it takes to be a driver here.

About Carlile Transportation

Carlile Transportation was established in 1980 when John and Harry McDonald took up freight hauling with a couple of tractors. Since 2013 the trucking company has been a part of the Saltchuk transportation and distribution team. Drivers for Carlile Transportation have access to trucking terminals in the following locations in Alaska:

  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Seward
  • Prudhoe Bay
  • Kodiak
  • Kenai

In addition, Carlile has locations in Tacoma, Washington, and Houston, Texas.

Haul Types for Freight

So what kind of freight do Alaska truck drivers haul at Carlile Transportation? The trucking company provides everything from less than truckload to full truckload freight. As a trucker at this carrier, you may be tasked with hauling LTL freight and pallet loads via Package Express for residents and businesses across the state. The company is a major hauler for Amazon and other online retailers.

For truckers with the right CDL endorsements, there are freight loads for liquid haulers using tankers. In addition, hazmat freight hauling is in high demand among Carlile truck drivers. If you have these endorsements, then you can greatly expand your driving services. This means you can earn more money as a trucker. The drivers at Carlile also transport refrigerated truckloads carrying refrigerated and frozen goods. Dry van trucking jobs are also available in Alaska at Carlile Transportation.

Oversized Hauling

Oversized loads are also among the various trucking services available at Carlile. For truck drivers with experience in heavy hauls, this is a specialty that sets this Anchorage trucking company apart from the rest of the competition. Carlile provides the largest variety of equipment in the state to handle the heaviest loads. In addition, Carlile is set up to customize and fabricate trailers and moving equipment in order to handle oversized freight. Carlile also has winch trucks, as well as the equipment needed to haul intermodal freight with rail on/off capabilities.

Trucking Jobs in Alaska

Interested in getting a trucking job in Alaska at Carlile Transportation? Requirements for trucking jobs that far north are a little different from those for trucking jobs in the Lower 48. Check out what you’ll need to have in order to get hired on:

  • Class A CDL
  • All endorsements including doubles/triples, hazmat, and tanker
  • One year minimum experience in trucking
  • Safe and clean driving record and work history
  • Experience hauling freight in snow and over ice roads
  • Current passport
  • Ability to cross the US-Canadian border
  • Pass background check
  • Pass a drug and alcohol screen

If you don’t have experience hauling in snow or on ice roads, but you want to be a trucker in Alaska, what do you do? Start by hauling freight up north where you will encounter seasonal snow and icy conditions.

Truck Driver Training in Alaska

Once you feel comfortable in your winter driving experience, consider going to Alaska and taking a truck driving course. Northern Industrial Training in Alaska offers professional truck driving training, as well as safety courses. Contact the trucking school to find out about defensive driving or Alaska driving courses that they may offer.

The Center for Employment Education in Fairbanks and Anchorage provides truck driver CDL refresher courses and road skills test training. These courses can help you gain local truck driving experience that can be added to your skills when applying for trucking jobs in Alaska.