Daseke Acquires High-Security Cargo Hauling Company

flatbed truck along cliffsDaseke, Inc. is adding another trucking company to its fleet line—the Roadmaster Group. This trucking company is one of the oldest in the nation and a leading provider of hauls for munitions in the US. By acquiring the Roadmaster Group, Daseke secures its position as the largest provider of flatbed trucking jobs in the nation. Find out why the Roadmaster Group made the decision to join the Daseke fleet, and what this means for truck drivers searching for flatbed trucking jobs.

About the Roadmaster Group

Back during the Great Depression, the Roadmaster Group was known as its original title, Tri-State Transport Co. The carrier focused on hauling explosives to mines in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Then World War II came along. By this time Tri-State Transport had already gone west with an increased haul capacity, and the war only drove up demand. Since then the company has continued to excel whether there was a war going on or not.

Zoom forward to 2016. Tri-State Transport teamed up with Secured Land Transport or SLT, which is another arms, ammunition, and explosives hauling company. As a result, the Roadmaster Group was founded, and it became the biggest AA&E carrier in the US. In addition to hauling munitions, the company has also moved into the heavy haul trucking jobs division.

This allows the carrier to provide the heavy equipment, such as tanks or drilling equipment, along with the arms, ammunition, and explosives for customers. It simply made the Roadmaster Group a more inclusive trucking company for its clientele, which has increased its haul capacity once again.

Driving for the Roadmaster Group

Drivers interested in joining the Roadmaster Group crew need to have a few qualifications. They need to have hazmat and tanker endorsements on their CDL. In addition, they’ll need to get a TWIC (transportation worker identification credential) card. If you are a driver with a TWIC card, CDL endorsements, and experience hauling flatbed loads in heavy hauls or AA&E, now is a great time to apply for a trucking job at the Roadmaster Group.

Guaranteed Pay for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers who haul for the Roadmaster Group have come to expect top pay and benefits. For starters, the company provides guaranteed pay for truck drivers, which is unique in the trucking business. Roadmaster’s CEO John Wilbur explains that this helped reduce driver turnover and retention, which were two major issues for the Roadmaster Group and SLT.

He notes, “We did away with tradition in 2012. We moved from pay-by-the-mile to a salary-like structure. This allowed drivers to know exactly how much they would make every workday, every week, regardless of how many miles they might drive. We felt they shouldn’t suffer due to lack of freight, weather conditions or bad traffic.”

As a result of this, both driver retention and turnover rates improved dramatically. It was the turning point that allowed the Roadmaster Group to keep its fleet of drivers moving more regularly. Also, the trucking company began to save money on truck driver recruiting costs.

Instead of spending time and money recruiting, hiring, and training new truck drivers, the company could focus on getting new contracts and more loads. These loads were ready to haul thanks to a stable fleet of OTR flatbed truck drivers. More importantly, the trucking company now has a 25 percent turnover rate. In an industry where most companies have a 100 percent turnover rate annually, this is a substantial win.

Joining Forces with Daseke

The reason that the leadership chose to join the Daseke company is trifold. For starters, Wilbur notes “We’ve talked with Don Daseke over the past several years, and the time was finally right to become part of Daseke. He lets his companies run autonomously, and we know we will be able to pursue our long-term objectives and stay on our given path. Don is backing our vision.”

The Roadmaster Group also sees plenty of opportunity for growth as part of the Daseke team. Regarding this aspect Wilbur said, “What Daseke brings to us is not only a strong belief in our model but also added capital to grow, not to mention cost savings due to economies of scale.”

The Roadmaster Group has also found its place within the dozen or so trucking carriers that are part of Daseke. According to Wilbur, “We also see a lot of synergy with the other Daseke companies. We can now be more growth-focused with our heavy haul division and brokerage service, growing that part of the business in concert with our new sister companies.”

He adds, “[Daseke management team] runs a quality operation, and we are proud to join them in the Daseke family. There’s a lot of business and a lot of loads, both commercial and governmental, to haul in our sector. R&R Trucking‘s management team in Joplin has some of the best and most experienced people in the high-security business. We’ll both be able to learn from each other, grow and prosper.”

Don Daseke, founder, and CEO of Daseke made this statement regarding the acquisition of the Roadmaster Group: “We’re building a powerhouse in high-security cargo hauling. The Roadmaster Group, led by John, brings a top-tier executive team onboard. They also have a great passion for their people. Their track record in growth has been phenomenal.”

Also, this latest acquisition will help Daseke provide more variety among its flatbed trucking job clientele. Mr. Daseke explains, “ We’re looking forward to the synergies they’ll now have with R&R — the two largest companies in high-security cargo working together to become even stronger.”

Source: Daseke – News