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Big Truck Driving Jobs truck drivers to be involved in every aspect of the trucking industry. If you need a place to voice concerns, keep up with industry breakthroughs, or just want the companionship of other truck drivers, join a trucking association.

Choose a state below and view all the trucking associations within that state. Don't pass up the opportunity to join a trucking association and receive all the benefits it has to offer you.

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  • Professional Drivers of America

    PO Box 2135 Sandy, UT

  • Michigan Trucking Association

    1131 Centennial Way Lansing, MI

  • National Small Shipments Traffic Conference (NASSTRAC)

    499 S. Capitol Street SW, Suite 604 Washington, DC

  • National Wheel & Rim Association

    5121 Bowden Road, Suite 303 Jacksonville, FL

  • Missouri Motor Carriers Assn.

    PO Box 1247 Jefferson City, MO

  • New Mexico Motor Carriers Assn.

    4809 Jefferson St., N.E. Albuquerque, NM

  • Maine Motor Transport Assn.

    Box 857 Augusta, ME

  • Indiana Motor Truck Association

    One N. Capitol, Suite 460 Indianapolis, IN

  • Kentucky Motor Transport Assn.

    134 Walnut Street Frankfort, KY