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Discover Which Trucking Companies Allow Pets in Big Rigs

Author: David Ray


Going over the road as a truck driver carries with it the chance of getting lonely from time to time. However, many drivers have learned to overcome their boredom by carrying along a rider. This isnít your typical rider, and we arenít talking about hitchhikers or spouses. Pets are a popular find among trucks these days, but not all trucking companies permit them in the rig. If you are interested in taking your furry pal with you on the road, hereís some information to chew on.

Making a Trip Pet Friendly

Throwing Fido in your sleeper and expecting it to be a smooth ride is a short sighted move. If you want to make the most of a trip with your pet in tow, youíll need to prepare in advance. Stock up on pet food and potable water, along with food and water bowls, toys, and sleeping pads. If you run out of food out on the road, youíll soon discover that many truck stops sell pet food, but it will either be expensive or generic. Also, the water they provide at fuel pumps can be used for your pet, only if it is potable, so read the signs. You donít want a puking pug riding shotgun!

dog-in-truck-seatPets need exercise and attention, which adds to the excitement of taking them on the road. This isnít just for their entertainment, though. Proper pet care involves giving your furry friend reasonable potty breaks and time to stretch their legs in the fresh air. Most rest areas offer a pet area that lets you walk your pet in nature, and gives them a chance to poop in peace. Make sure to take along plenty of doggy bomb bags to pick up the leftovers, so you arenít That Trucker. Some final tips before you take a pet with you:

  • Avoid leaving your pet in your cab during very cold or extremely hot weather. If itís not safe for humans, itís not safe for pets. If you arenít allowed to idle your truck, then consider leaving Fluffy at home.

  • You wonít be allowed to take your pet with you everywhere, such as in truck repair shops. Find out the policy before choosing a repair shop.

Trucking Companies that Allow Pets

In terms of which trucking companies will let you have a pet on board, there are a few things to consider first. If you are working for a small company, chances are greater that you can have a pet on board. However you will most likely have to sign a rider waiver with your insurance company and pay a deposit, which is typically $200 to $300. Bigger trucking companies that want to save fuel by limiting idling are less likely to allow pets. You can find out if the trucking company you are working for, or interested in signing on with, will allow pets by checking out Big Truck Driving Jobs list of trucking companies, where youíll find if the company allows pets. To save you some time, we have compiled a quick list for you of companies that do allow pets:

  • Crete Carrier: furry 60lb pet allowed

  • Shaffer Trucking: furry 60lb pet allowed

  • Knight Transportation

  • Schuster

  • Werner: allows pets with $250 deposit and weekly fee deducted from paycheck

  • USExpress

  • Ozark

  • Celadon

  • Swift: only allows truckers grandfathered in to bring pets, no new drivers

  • CFI

  • Conway

  • Covenant Transport

  • Interstate Distributor

  • Prime: only lease operators can bring pets

Here are some trucking companies that do not accept pets as riders

  • Roehl

  • May

  • Gordon

  • CR England

Before you make a decision, however, call the company and clarify that this is still their policy. Policies change like the wind. Also, if your recruiter says they donít allow riders, this means that pets are not allowed, in addition to no hitchhikers. Donít try and sneak your pet on board. Youíll either get fired immediately, or run into stress along the way. What if your truck breaks down or you are in an accident? Your secret will be revealed, and youíll soon find yourself kicked to the curb with no way to afford pet food.

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